Treatment Issues

Stress & Anxiety

People today are under considerable pressure with all of the uncertainties in the modern world. Anxiety about your own personal well-being can be overwhelming when so much change is part of everyday life. The causes of anxiety may not be obvious to the sufferer as they often have a general feeling of anxiety sometimes described as ‘free floating anxiety’. Read more>>

Stop Smoking

Focussing on your needs, I use powerful Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, NLP and Hypnotherapy to help you quit for good. If you are ready to quit and you can bring your own motivation into play, you can stop smoking. Read more>>

Alcohol Issues

Drinking excessively can sometimes gradually affect people and they can then find it difficult to cope without alcohol. Read more>>

Confidence & Self Esteem

A lack of confidence and/or low self-esteem are more common than you might think. Being more self confident can be learned just like many other things in life. Read more>>

Weight Loss & Eating Issues

Maybe you’re overweight? Perhaps you are snacking too much or eating unhealthily. Maybe you feel you need more exercise. Read more>>

Making a Speech or Presentation

It is now widely understood that many people feel anxious before and during making speeches or presentations. Feel in control so that you can be at your best whenever you make presentations or speeches. Read more>>

Fears and Phobias

If you have a fear or phobia you’ll know that it doesn’t help when people simply tell you there’s nothing to be afraid of. Read more>>

Other Areas:

Habits/Compulsions Panic Attacks
Allergies/Asthma Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Anger Indecision
Binge Drinking, Insomnia
Blushing/Marital/Relationship Problems /Sexual Problems
Performance at work/Making a Speech and Sports Performance
Exam Nerves, Nail Biting Test Nerves
Guilt/Pain Relief/Worry