Stress and Anxiety

stressPeople today are under considerable pressure with all of the uncertainties in the modern world. Anxiety about your own personal well-being can be overwhelming when so much change is part of everyday life. The causes of anxiety may not be obvious to the sufferer as they often have a general feeling of anxiety sometimes described as ‘free floating anxiety’.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Fidgeting , Jumpy, Unrelaxed, Getting Overtired, Shaking, Eyelid Twitching, Cold Sweaty Hands, Dry Mouth, Shortness of Breath, Muscle Tension, particularly around the neck area, Feeling of a Lump in the Throat, Perspiration, High Pulse Rate, Poor Sleeping Pattern, Frequent Sighing, Impatience and Angry Outbursts

Symptoms also include obsessions, checking and rechecking, dependency, lack of eye contact and over apologising.

The cause of much stress and anxiety can be understood as a feeling of being overwhelmed by the everyday challenges and risks faced daily combined with a feeling that the sufferer cannot cope with those risks. Manage experiences that make you feel anxious by trusting yourself to deal effectively with life?s’ challenges as they arise.

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